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What kind of party game is MULTIVERSE MANIA?

Ages 13 and up can enjoy this ever changing strategy word game. Each box supports up to 7 players. Think of this card game as a portal gun for fun, laughter, and learning...
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This party game exists to bring joy and prosperity to all ______ who dare play!

Answer Cards

Wield the power of curses, kleptomania, adjectives and more...

Learning a Language

Get bonus points for matching the most translations on the multiverse bingo card while playing the game in language mode.
To get the most out of learning a language, try to play the game using a mixture of your native tongue and the translation.

Expand the MULTIVERSE!

Help us build our Get the Cards for Grandpas Pack Box. Join our community, create and vote for your favorite Grandpa themed cards!

Get access to the MultiVerse Mania Educator community with the purchase of the Cards for Conservation Box.

Every purchase helps One Habitat Foundation expand its Operation Trash Route initiative into new communities throughout Mexico and the Philippines.

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